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Awesome things to do in Chiang Mai at Maetaman Elephant Adventure! 30 years of elephant experience and a unique combination of tradition and innovation where elephants are in good hands.

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A wealth of awesome things to do in Chiang Mai is waiting for you in the world of MAETAMAN! A family organization for more than 30 years, MAETAMAN has cared for elephants and presented ethical venues for thousands of people to experience these magnificent mammals. Our new Elephant EcoValley “walk with elephants” venue complements the diverse programs and other elephant-related activities which provide stable employment for the Maetaman Village community and hundreds of mahouts.

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MAETAMAN works closely with the Center of Excellence in Elephant and Wildlife Research at Chiang Mai University and the Chiang Mai Elephant Alliance to promote the welfare of elephants.

Rest assured that elephants are always in good hands at MAETAMAN.

Meet the new member of the Maetaman Family:
Baby Elephant Moon!

One night at 3 am, the baby elephant Moon rose on Earth and joined the Maetaman family near Chiang Mai, Thailand. One day she will play in the mountains at Elephant EcoValley. In this movie, Moon is two days old and learning very fast!

Check out these awesome things to do in Chiang Mai. We’re about an hour north in beautiful green mountains. Arrange a trip with your favorite travel agency or contact us directly. We’ll get you from your hotel and back again.

Elephant fruit buffet at at Maetaman Elephant Adventure - awesome things to do in Chiang Mai

Gourmet feasts for our elephants!

Depending on their size, an Asian elephant can consume up to 300 kilograms per day (660 lb) or about 18% of their body weight. Completely vegetarian: grasses, small plants, bushes, fruit, twigs, tree bark, and roots. Bamboo shoots, seedlings and leaves are the favorite food of many elephants.

Buffet lunch of fruit, salad and many entrees next to the river at Maetaman Elephant Adventure

And gourmet feasts for our guests!

At Maetaman Elephant Adventure you can choose from many different entrees everyday, plus stock up at the salad and fruit bar. Relax on the outdoor patio and watch the elephants and bamboo rafts float down the river. Like elephants, some of our guests eat about 18% of their body weight just during lunch!

Elephants bathing in the river at Maetaman Elephant Adventure

Watch elephants bathe at Maetaman

Everyday the elephants love to cool down and be scrubbed in the river. Stand on the dry shore and watch the spectacle during the Elephant Show. (Careful though, the elephants like to spray with their trunks and cool you off, too!) If you choose to be a part of our volunteer program, you can get in the river and help.

Elephant mud bath at Maetaman Elephant Adventure - awesome things to do in Chiang Mai

Get dirty and clean again at Elephant EcoValley

A favorite pastime of these gentle giants is to frolic in the mud spa and then wash off under the waterfall at Elephant EcoValley. Both Elephant Adventure and the Elephant EcoValley have half-day programs. So please, take a whole day to cherish the diverse elephant experiences in both venues!

Aiko with Elephant painting a portrait at Maetaman Elephant Adventure

Watch the elephant artists painting...

Like humans, not all elephants can or like to paint. It takes a collaborative effort with certain mahout artists to create these masterpieces right in front of your eyes. Aiko the Elephant is painting in this photo. We’re not sure if she’s painting a self portrait of her own backside or the elephant in front of her!

Three elephant paintings from Maetaman Elephant Adventure - awesome things to do in Chiang Mai

And then take your favorite painting home!

Our elephant artists paint on high-quality art paper about 60W x 80H cm (23 x 31H inches). Their artwork is available in our gift along with an array of elephant t-shirts, handbags, postcards, figurines, key chains, and greeting cards made from poo paper by the elephants. (Elephants make the poo; we make the paper.)

Logo of Elephant Adventure in Thailand by Maetanam about an hour north of Chiang Mai
Slogan of Elephant EcoValley and Maetaman Elephant Adventure in Thailand: where elephants are in good hands
Five elephants enjoying a mud bath at Elephant EcoValley in Thailand

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